Monday, January 20, 2014


1. Rituals Sakura Body Scrub (organic sugar body scrub) - I've tried several body scrubs, both the salt and sugar, but this one is simply the best one and for more than a year "must have" in my bathroom. It leaves the skin soft and smooth, ready for further treatment (most often sauna in my case) and care. And the smell! Just makes me happy :)

2. Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream (organic cherry & rice milk) - So rich, nourishing, with a pleasant texture and without greasy film. Use it together with Rituals Sakura Body Scrub and you won't believe it's your skin :)

3. Lush Cosmetics Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb - Time to relax in the bath? Make sure you won't miss this bomb! :)

4. Manufaktura Natural Pacific Yellow Sea Sponge - Sea sponges have antiviral and antiseptic effect and moreover, don't take odors. Try it and you'll never want another sponge! I swear :)

5. Rituals Miracle Scrub (ultra softening hand scrub) - With this scrub you need just a minute and your hands will be soft and smooth again, even after a whole day cleaning, gardening etc. :)

6. Nivea SOS Repair & Care Hand Balm - This hand balm has to always be in my bag. Immediate relief for my sensitive and dry hands! 

7. Saloos Bio Karité Balm for Nails - Use it several times a day and your nail-polish will stay perfect and shining much longer :)

8. Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel - Refreshing gel with an immediate "lifting" effect visibly improves the shape of the bust area. I call it "an invisible bra" because it really is :) You have to try it to believe...

Well, ladies, let's face it: most of us struggle with cellulite. And most of us never give up this fight. Creams and milks can help in this fight but only in combination with balanced and healthy diet and workout. These are my proven tips:
9. Saloos Body & Massage Oil Celulinie

10. Biotherm Celluli Eraser (smoothing & firming concentrate)

11. Biotherm Celluli Laser Intensive Night (high precision anti-cellulite)

12. Agent Provocateur Body Powder - Pamper yourself :)

(This post is not sponsored by none of mentioned brands/companies.)

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