Sunday, January 12, 2014


I love coffee and tea! The smell, the taste and of course the stylish way in which you can serve it :)

1. Eva Solo Vacuum Jug - With patented drip-free lip, plastic outside and glass inside. Which color do you like the most? It's not easy to decide, hm? :)
2. BODUM CANTEEN - Ristretto double wall mug. I like the fresh colors!
3. INVOTIS Cappuccino Wrinkled Cup - Simply amazing :)
4. DeLonghi Latte Macchiato Glasses - Double wall thermo glasses, nearly unbreakable. NEARLY is the key word, remember Pelíšky :)
5. WMF Barista Templates for Cappuccino Decorating, Sweatheart & Wake up - Your guests will love cappuccino served by you!
6. Nespresso Bonbonniere Glass Black Limited Edition - Cool capsule dispenser :)
7. WMF Barista Cream Pot
8. WMF Barista Sugar Bowl with Lid and Spoon
9. Blomus SENCHA Tea Maker - You can serve your tea without removing the strainer.
10. WMF Teapot
12. WMF Porcelain Tea Cup with Lid & Saucer - The lid is with a slot for tea bag and you can easily use it as a tray when flipped.
13. Eva Solo Tea Egg - I fell in love! But I cannot decide whether black or green... What do you think?
14. Eva Solo Tea Bag - Isn't it funny? :)
And what about you and coffee & tea moments?
(This post is not sponsored by none of mentioned brands/companies.)

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