Wednesday, January 22, 2014


WATER... Pure. Refreshing. Served in style. Why not in this lovely carafe from Eva Solo? :)

It's great that it can be used for both cold and hot drinks but what I really love are the neoprene covers! The fact that it helps to keep the temperature of drinks is a nice benefit... but to be honest, I would love them even if they are just for decoration! Different covers for different moods and occasions :)

Classic black was my first one but when they started coming up with new colors and their combinations, I was more than 100% sure that it won´t be my last one. And I was right :) White with fresh green was the next one, even though it was really hard work to find the store where this color combination was available :) But it was worth it, it looks wonderful on the summer table!

And now? The decadent lacy one must be mine! I cannot stop looking at it, it's pure desire :)
Do you like them? Which one would you choose?

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