Thursday, January 16, 2014


Well, I am not the real fan of math but I swear that this formula is valid...

You can be 100% sure that when you go to the shops with the idea that you're looking just for something for you clients, you also buy (or, in the worse case, ONLY buy) something for yourself :)

I know it's not easy to resist sales but it's good to follow two simply rules - buy only what you liked and wanted in the main season and it's better to invest in the classic pieces than in "one-season" fashion trends.
But now let's look at my successes from the last sale hunting :)
P.S: Stay tuned! I am sure you'll see them in some other OUTFIT posts very soon!
1. Mango Textured Baggy Trousers - They didn't have them in my size in the summer, so I am sure you understand that I really HAD TO BUY both of them, pink and black, now :)

2. Mango Black & White Dress - No comment needed. Incredibly feminine!

3. Reserved Combined Materials Dress - I simply love the pattern and the leather on the sleeves! And another benefit? Very pleasant and warm material, perfect for winter time :)

4. Cate Grey Suede-Leather Bootie - Another unsuccessful attempt to resist... So I have not only grey (I tried not to look at them for two months!), but also black. And you know what? They are unbelievably comfortable, almost as slippers :)

5. Mango Gold Bracelet - Perfect match with the Mango Black & White Dress :)

6. Reserved Silver Bracelet

7. Reserved Pearl Necklace - I see it... This pearl necklace, white t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and classic pumps... Can you see it too? :)

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