Sunday, January 12, 2014


I am sure you all have your own "WISH LIST" and it doesn´t matter if it´s just in your mind, on paper or in electronic version. You put there things that you like, that inspire you and that you would like to buy in the near (or in same cases in more distant) future. So let´s see what´s on my "WISH LIST" right now :)

1. Mango Quilted Dress (details here)

2. H&M Floppy Hat in Wool - black (details here)

3. H&M Floppy Hat in Wool - grey (details here)

4. Michael Kors Leather Watches (details here)

5. Zara Two-Tone Velour Trousers (details here)

6. TOPSHOP Gee Snake Ghillie Heels (details here)

7. Zara Combined Leather High Heel Shoes (details here) 

Share with me your "WISH LIST"! I would like to see them and get some inspiration from you :)

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